Bugs on a Train

There was a silent drama on the train today because an insect decided he wanted to get a free ride.

I don’t know what the insect was because I had never seen one like it before. So I think it was a brand new one that’s only just come out. It’s a wasp crossed with a daddy longlegs and it didn’t mean any harm but we were all disgusted anyway.

It was mainly flying around me and I tried to dodge it while maintaining my street cred. Anyway, soon I thought it had gone. Phew, I thought. But then I saw a woman staring at me. Her eyes were big and worried.

Oh no, I thought. It’s only on my head! Disaster. I tried to casually brush it out of my hair, gently so I didn’t squish it. It took a few times before it flew off. I smiled at the woman and she smiled back because I didn’t have an insect on my head any more.

By now, more people were involved, watching the insect and smiling to other people who watched the insect.

Eventually it came to rest on a man’s head. He was ginger, so maybe the insect thought he was a lovely big flower, or the sun. But this man was only looking at his phone! Oh no!

We all shared looks, had a smile because he didn’t even know about the insect! And it was on his HEAD!

The insect was having a lovely time. He stood up like a mantis and rubbed his hands together as if to say, Right! Now I’ve finally found a seat, let’s get to business.

We all waited for him to fly off or for the man to realise there was a creature living in his hair but it seemed that, together, they had found peace.

We all smiled because it was nice to have a shared secret and also because we were glad it wasn’t us.

About Amy Lloyd

I’m a writer with two books currently published by Penguin Random House THE INNOCENT WIFE and ONE MORE LIE. My third book might kill me or it might not, we will have to wait and see! If not I’ve got so many ideas up my sleeve that there’s barely any room for my actual arms anymore. I want to branch out, play with genres and write non-fiction about my colourful mistakes and cheeky depression. So hot. I love you all! Don’t be mean I’m a millennial. View all posts by Amy Lloyd

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